About Rebotec

Rebotec Germany is headquartered in Quakenbrück, Artland Germany. We design, make our own precision tooling and manufacture all in-house, Germany.


German engineering is culturally synonymous with high quality, durable craftsmanship and sound, efficient design. Choose REBOTEC, a better quality option.

REBOTEC uniquely designs, builds own tooling, manufactures and assembles in Quakenbrück Germany. Premium quality, made in Germany.

Precise in-house built tooling and low manufacturing tolerances produce an exceptionally high quality product.

Every one of our chairs, walkers and pair of crutches is brimming with experience gathered over several decades.

The staff are well trained, responsible and looked after to prioritise reliability, consistency and quality control over volume and profit. Highly trained employees are our guarantee of quality.

We test safety to exceed all applicable international quality standards. All ours equipment goes through months and years of stringent CE certification.

Celebrating 40 years of excellence in engineering and quality manufacturing.

Acquisition of design and manufacturing facility
Reiner Bockstiegel takeover of Haseplastic GmbH & Co, plastic forming labs. Retooling, re-branding and new product design and testing commenced. REBOTEC Rehabilitationsmittel GmbH (Reiner BOckstiegel TEChnik)
Re-branding and new line of product
Change of name and re-branding to go with the new design labs and new all German precision manufacturing plant begin production at full capacity.
Factory upgrade
Significant investment in to production and design facility. Strategic closure of production with view to becoming a technology leader of precision plastics production in Germany.
Facility modernisation & extension
Rebuild completion of production facility. New, in-house precision tooling workshop and labs are built. New office building to support significant increased production and distribution needs.
First crutch model
Production of first crutch models developed and put in to production. First 10 colour styles well received by the market.
First REHA INTERNATIONAL show in Dusseldorf
Display of fully developed collection of crutches, walking sticks and walking aids at REHA
Patient hoists
Home-care beds and patient hoists development and introduction to the market.
All polymer chairs
Design, development and production of all plastic chair line introduced to the market. First 3000 units sent to Rebotec intentional distribution network.
Truly international brand
Rebotec distribution network reaches over 40 countries in Europe, Asia. Oceania, idle east and Americas.
Werk 2
Design, tooling and certification of new line of walking frame "Werk 2" completed and first production batch is sent to our distributors.
Expanding production facility
Extending production and factory floor and adding warehousing space to accommodate for new products and increased international demand. Additional 9000 ㎡ built.
Bariatric range
Based on demand for additional weight bearing capacity Rebotec develops and brings to market commode chairs with certified capacity of 200kg.
Corporate evolution
Corporate restructuring formalising a board of directors and C level leadership. Markus and Thomas Bockstiegel take on the leadership roles. Reiner Bockstiegel the founder continues to do what he loves, engineer and develop new Products for Rebotec.
Shower chair product line
Launch of lightweight, easy to fold chair and over toilet frames, made with polymer and extruded aluminium alloys.
Transfer and stand-up hoists
Patient transfer and stand-up hoists released in bariatric size to accommodate the market.
Launch of Dubai
Launch of “DUBAI” mobile bidet WC chair with hot water cleaning for in-house self-reliance and dignity.
Development and production of YANO crutches. Patented walking support for arthritis and rheumatoid patients.
Ultralight and heavy duty
Patent design development and CE certification for unique height adjustable clamp making 250kg capacity elbow crutches possible at an incredible lightweight.
Phoenix Muli Lift
Production of an evolved Phoenix tilt commode chair with waterproof electric lifting device. Winning awards and hearts of care staff and patients in Europe and Americas.