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  • Boston

    Mobile shower commode chair CE rated for 150 kg body weight

    • Ergonomic backrest with backrest with carer grip
    • Swinging armrests for easy side transfer
    • Seat with included PU cushion
    • Included, removable bucket rails removable
    • Bucket pail included
    • Height adjustable, swinging out of the way and detachable foot support
    • 4 swivelling castors 5-inch with parking/direction brake
  • Dallas

    Wide bariatric shower commode chair

    With its heavier weight bearing capacity and extra wide seat, the Dallas Bariatric Shower Commode Chair offers a robust and durable design made for bariatric patients. It has a 64cm wide commode, a 200kg certified capacity and four swiveling castors for added manoeuvrability. The bariatric commode includes a removable bucket and bucket rails, along with a cushioned backrest and hygienic seat opening with cushioned seat support.

    • Bariatric commode, seat 64cm width
    • 200 kg certified capacity
    • Swing open armrests for easy side transfer
    • Cushioned backrest and seat with hygiene opening
    • 4 swivelling castors, with parking/direction brake
    • Bucket rails and bucket included
  • Denver

    Bariatric shower commode chair

    • Bariatric commode, seat 58cm width
    • 175 kg certified capacity
    • Swing open armrests for easy side transfer
    • Cushioned backrest and seat with hygiene opening
    • 4 swivelling castors, with parking/direction brake
    • Bucket rails and bucket included
  • Phoenix Multi

    Electric tilt & lift power commode shower chair

    • Swing open armrests for easy side transfer
    • Cushioned seat, leg and backrest with hygiene opening
    • Tilt 90-130 degrees supine for wash and hoist transfer position
    • Lift to eye level, prevent back injury, improve dignity
    • 150 kg certified capacity, multi award winning design

    Rebotec Phoenix with tilt and lift power electrical height lift and adjustable cushioned headrest. Commode chair tilt adjustment, swing armrest for industry easiest side transfer. The chair uses all brake enhanced 125mm swiveling castors and certified Conformité Européenne to support up to 150 kg body weight.

    Rebotec Phoenix Multi in standard configuration includes seat with hygiene opening, adjustable headrest, bucket and bucket device and a charging charging station with second, backup battery. The chair is certified class IP56 (protected from limited dust ingress, protected from high pressure water jets from any direction).

    Phoenix innovation: the combination of tilting and recline to almost supine is unique to Phoenix. Other tilt in place chairs just tilt the patient, where the patient is still in a sitting position (90 degrees). Phoenix tilts and reclines the patient 90 to 130 degrees. This allows for better access for washing the patient and easier transfer with a hoist (semi supine position for hoist).

    Additionally, lift chair allows for dignified showering at eye level (dignity, not looking down). Looks after care staff’s health and safety (20% of all staff in nursing is take time off due to back problems. Improved carer ability to look after patient without strain.

  • Phoenix Tilt

    Tilt in Place and Recline Comfort Shower Commode Chair

    A stable and secure support chair for patients who require showering and toilet assistance, the Phoenix Tilt Shower Commode Chair provides optimal care and comfort for people with low mobility.

    The portable commode chair features sturdy back, head and calf support with drop swing arms for easy transfers. The shower commode chair is designed with soft, quick-drying and non-stick cushions that are easy to clean, providing both patients and care staff with better assistance.

    • Designed for optimal care and consideration of patient and care staff
    • Tilt in space and recline function
    • Drop swing arms facilitates transfers
    • Soft, adjustable, non-stick, quick drying support cushion, backrest, headrest and calf support
    • Easy cleaning, compact storage
    • Swing away arm and foot supports
  • BIG 250

    Heavy duty forearm crutches

    • Heavy duty forearm crutches (pair)
    • Certified for up to 250kg support with locking system
    • Super strong, lightweight aluminium alloy tube
    • 10 height adjustments and 3 cuff length adjustments
  • Walk-On

    Adult zimmer walking frame

    • Smooth and stylish powder coated aluminium finish
    • Non-slip hand-grips for safety and confidence
    • Certified 150kg wight capacity
    • Height adjustable walking frame
  • Verona

    Round shower stool, rated to 175kg capacity

    • Height adjustable & small foot print make Verona suitable use in most bath tubs as well as in the shower
    • Easily assembled quickly without tools for easy travelling
    • 175kg weight capacity