Shower-commode chair with PU soft seat and front hygiene opening

The Berlin Shower Commode Chair features a multi-functional design for ease of use in assisting patients with shower, toilet and beside care. The commode shower chair includes an adjustable and detachable foot rest so it’s ideal for multi-patient use. Designed for both comfort and convenience, the soft all PU seat includes a hygienic opening with a bucket rail and pail for seamless and discreet use.

  • Assisting in shower, over toilet and bedside patient care
  • Swing up armrests for easy side transfer
  • Includes upholstered seat with hygiene opening
  • Includes bucket rail device and pail
  • Height adjustable, detachable foot rest
  • 4 swivelling castors 125mm wheels with parking/direction brake

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Width 56cm
Depth 87cm
Seat width 46cm
Seat depth 45cm
Seat height 55cm
Toilet height without bucket device 47cm
Toilet height with bucket device 43cm
Caster Wheels 12.5cm (5″)
Weight 15.9kg
Capacity 130kg

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    5 years







    INFECTION CONTROL: Rebotec commode chairs are constructed using modular synthetic components with infection control in mind so it is easy to clean and disinfect. Durable materials are suitable for most cleaning agents as well as autoclave.

    COLOUR CODING: Rebotec commode range is available in up to 6 unique colour coded options that may be assigned to a set area in a facility for auditing, asset management and area infection preventing through equipment sharing.

    BACKREST: Synthetic backrest with a large surface area for comfort and safety is integrated with attendant pushing bar for easy patient care.

    ARMRESTS: Generous, ergonomic armrests are forward pivoted and secures in a three pint configuration to the chair for best in class stability and user confidence.

    Armrest swing back for easy side transfer without getting in the way and lock in place to prevent unwanted moment ensuring safety for doth patient and care staff.

    Unequally, Rebotec armrests when not fully locked in after side transfer will self lock in to place when they become fully loaded.

    DIGNITY SEAT COVER: Moulded in to single ergonomic polyurethane cushion that will not degrade over time through wear unlike upholstered commode seating. Preventing any possible infection control issues and allow for massive cost saving over upholstered commode designs.

    FOOTRESTS: Rebotec footrests are designed with safety and situational compliance in mind. The design allows for height and angle control, as well as easy swing out of the way or removed with ease as needed for safest, comfortable and most dignified care requirement at the time of use.

    A unique safety feature of Rebotec footrest prevent the chair tipping or hitting and injuring the user when standing up before placing feet on the ground. The footrests are made from a high-tech Nylon synthesis allowing just enough flex for the footrest to reach the ground when accidentally standing on them and prevent an injury while being rigid enough to offer exceptional support and stability.

    CASTORS: High-end 125 mm castors for on the spot manoeuvrability and easy movement by all care staff. The castors designed with thread protection reducing or eliminating hair and fibres build up around the axle massively reducing maintenance requirements.



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    User manual
    Commode maintenance instructions



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